Topalov creaza din nou tensiune pentru meciul cu Kamsky

Costin Beiu

Meciul Topalov – Kamky in mare impas

Meciul dintre V Topalov si G Kamsky se afla in mare impas, dupa ce in data de 26 septembrie a aparut pe agentiile de presa bulgare un ”protest” al presedintelui federatie de sah din Bulgaria, dl. Stefan Sergiev. Acesta dezaproba
intr-un mod foare taios modul in care se desfasoara pregatirile pentru meciul dintre cei doi mari sahisti. Acest
protest precede un altul din 10 Aprilie 2008.

Echipa lui Topalov stie sa creeze tensiune Kamsky nici nu stie ce il asteapta dinspre Topalov
Dupa aparitia acestei stiri pe toate canalele de difuzare, membrii federatiei bulgare de sah au incercat sa “dreaga busuiocul” afirmand ca a fost vorba de o greseala de traducere, textul difuzat agentiilor bulgare fiind doar in limba bulgara.

Aveti in continuare traducerea continutul scrisorii “pierdute”

Kirsan trebuie sa medieze tensiunile la nivel inalt si problemele mondiale

Dear Mr. Ilyumzhinov,

The Bulgarian sports community worries about the uncertainty around the semi final match between GM Veselin Topalov
and GM Gata Kamsky. The decision taken at the PB meeting in Tallinn in 2007 was welcomed by everyone expecting the end
of the schism in the chess family. This decision was confirmed at the November 2007 congress in Antalia. Everyone
expected it to become true and the match date to be appointed. Until now this did not happen and that fact practically
questions whether the match will take place.

On June 1st, after all the deadlines were over, you personally declared that you guarantee the prize fund and took
the responsibility for its organization. Since then more than 3 months have passed. We still do not know any details
about where and in what conditions will be the match, and the announced by you date November 26th is approaching.

Mr Ilymzhinov, please inform me where and when the match will take place. We insist the decision for the match to be
reflected in the players contracts, and they to be signed before the other semi final match between GM Kramnik and
GM Anand. Further delay could be fatal and to ruin all the efforts so far. I think nobody has interest in the failure
of the match Topalov – Kamsky. The Bulgarian chess player who is N1 in the current rank list cannot be eliminated from
the competition for the world championship.

Sincerely yours,

Stefan Sergiev, President of the Bulgarian Chess Federation


Sofia, Bulgaria

Pres. Federatiei Bulgare de Sah Stefan Sergiev – “Protestant”

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